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November 2, 2024

11/2/24 Harvest Moon Social Flyer

Lunch Bunch 7/12/24

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June Luncheon
Leo's Italian Social

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6/24/24 - Brews & Bites
Trolley Barn Fermentory & Food Hall

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Club Officers


Deborah Williams

Vice President - Membership

Marie Shea

Vice President - Luncheons

Monica Taft


Angie Glender


Jean Rottmann

Calendar Manager

Cyma Kline

Newsletter Editor

Sandee Henricks


Jeanne Deiger

Lora Castello


Get Out 
Make New Friends
Have Fun!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get out of the house, make new friends, and participate in exciting activities, then look no further.  New Friends of Carolina (NFC) is what you’ve been looking for.  Founded in 1989 as a not-for-profit social club for women, NFC welcomes both new comers to the Carolinas as well as those who have lived here for years.

There’s no need for concern about pressure.  You’ll find the members of our club to be both friendly and welcoming.  They simply want you to join in the activities and have some fun.  There’s something for everyone.   For a complete list of activities, see INTEREST GROUPS below.

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July Luncheon Challenge

7/9/24 July Luncheon Challenge


Lunch at Duckwoth

Village Tavern

Village Tavern

Crafty Creations
Jewelry Making

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Interest Groups

  • Appetizers with Friends
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Book Lovers
  • Book Swappers
  • Brews and Bites
  • Bunco # 1
  • Bunco #2
  • Contract Rummy
  • Crafty Creations 
  • Dining with Divas
  • Drama Queens
  • Five Deck Canasta
  • In the Know
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Lunch Bunch
  • Mah Jong 
  • Matinee Madams
  • Mexican Train #1
  • Mexican Train #2
  • Mexican Train #3
  • Evening Mexican Train
  • Pickle Ball
  • Rummikub
  • Samba
  • Scrabble
  • Sip & Stitch
  • Travelers
  • Winers & Diners

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


President's Message

The President's Message

Good day, Friends,

On the west coast of Chile, the island of Chiloe's indigenous people, the Mapuche, practice "minga," the sharing of essential tasks for the common good without expectation of reward. The spirit of minga is very much alive in New Friends of Carolina. 

Congratulations to Lora Castello and her outgoing board for their outstanding service in the last membership year.  The incoming 2024-2025 board members have  held a total of 40 board positions in the past and have stepped forward to serve yet again.  Our interest group chairs also embody minga.  In June alone, 20 different activities were offered to the membership with a total of 354 slots for members to fill.

But this is not enough.  We need to expand our offerings as our club grows, which means members currently outside of leadership positions need to summon their minga and volunteer to take board positions in the future and to accept interest group chair positions waiting to be filled. For example, Lunch Bunch is a very popular offering and is great way for new members to meet friends, but it is often difficult to capture a slot.
Currently, we are looking for a person to chair a Lunch Bunch 2 interest group.  We have been able to expand Mexican Train monthly slots, but we would also like Bunco meetups increased so more people can play.  If any of these options appeal to you, please give me a call or email me at my contact information below.  Our board is here to help you develop an idea into an interest group offering.

May the spirit of minga envelope you this year and in the future!

And, may I say, there is a reward for serving in NFC, Come discover it.

Debbie Williams

NFC President